Join Our Family


Join Our Family

We offer a supportive environment, a competitive commission plan and comprehensive training and mentoring. We are an open, friendly company where everyone from our staff to our REALTORS are approachable and supportive and the support offered is defined by your needs. We understand how hard you work and want you to reap the benefits of that hard work!
Our goal is to help you surpass your goals, We do these by assisting you in developing marketing plans and a personalized business strategy combined to give you the best possible opportunity to build a strong client relationships.
Our REALTORS are equipped with the latest technology, marketing systems and knowledge to grow their business by networking, participating in community events and building genuine relationships with clients through their integrity, experience and unparalleled service!
We are a family of likeminded REALTORS who are passionate about service and professionalism, striving to set the bar high in the real estate happy client at a time ... and we'd love to have you join us. Taking the first step to join is easy ! Whether you are a seasoned professional, considering a new career or even exploring options to ease into retirement, come in for a chat or meet for a coffee. If you believe in professionalism and setting the bar high...WE HAVE A PLACE FOR YOU!

To explore the possibilities of joining ARX Realty, please complete the form below, or contact our office at (604) 829-7070 or email us at and we'll do our part to help provide you with information.

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