Foreclosure Prevention


Stop Foreclosure and Save your Equity

Whether you've missed only a single mortgage payment, multiple payments, or you are a week away from losing your home, you're not too late. WE CAN HELP!

Foreclosure can be a very scary and sensitive situation but can be resolved easily and in a timely manner when dealing with the right people. There is a lot of corruption, intimidation, and false information provided to people when they are going through the foreclosure process. We are here to give you honest facts and to help you stop the foreclosure process.

The foreclosure process takes place as follows:

  • For one of a number of reasons, your mortgager/bank/lender will hire a law firm to sue you for the full amount owing on your mortgage.
  • The law firm will file a claim against you for that amount and make an application at the court to re-possess your home. The court will generally grant you a redemption period and at the end of this alloted time you need to have come up with the entire amount owing. This period is anywhere between 1-6 months, depending on the equity and occupancy of the home.
  • Once the redemption period has passed, the bank's lawyer will go back to court and obtain an order from the judge to transfer the property to the bank's name, at which point you will be removed from your house and they will list it for sale with their own agents, who are only looking out for the bank's sole interests.
  • Once the property is sold, the bank will pay out all of the legal fees, which could have accumulated to anywhere between $8,000 - $20,000, as well as commissions to their agents involved in the sale of your home. If all of these expenses including the outstanding mortgage exceeds the sale price of the house, then you will receive an invoice for the difference. This is usually a substantial amount of money, which most people cannot afford to pay, and they are then forced to file for bankruptcy.
  • Don't let this be you. All it takes to avoid this process is one phone call today!
 Stop Foreclosure and Save your Equity


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Legal Solutions

Many times people are under the impression that they cannot sell their property, or will have difficulty selling their property due to:

  • complicated legal issues that you are going through
  • the condition of your home
  • missing permits
  • unapproved development
  • construction beyond property lines
  • costly penalty for term remaining on fixed or variable mortgage

We work with an expert team of lawyers that allow us to be able to solve these problems for you at little or no cost, many times without having to meet you, and save you thousands of dollars while still get you maximum dollar for your property.


Cash for your house

Whether you are already divorced, legally separated, or in the process of either and still own the marital home under your name or multiple names, WE CAN HELP!

In many divorce cases, people cannot sell their property due to an uncooperative spouse, dower constraints, legal threats, or an incomplete divorce. We are experts in such cases and can help you to a quick sale and smooth transition during a tense time.

When people are getting divorced, they tend to have trouble maintaining the home during this difficult and stressful time. This is a risky situation as one person may "live" in the home, but if anyone misses a payment, it will affect the other person's credit and other things like ability to buy a car or a home on their own.

Even if you are completely divorced, you still may be negatively affected by your former spouse's current actions.

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